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FuckGear Holster Harness


FuckGear Jock Holster

This vegan-friendly accessory will have you looking good while keeping all of your important stuff close. Made from a thick gauge FuckGear material, this three-pocket pouch can hold your phone, cash and cards without bulking up your pockets or socks!

You can clip this holster to your jockstrap waistband or to your belt if you're in a pair of jeans. The leg strap measures in at 18" at it's widest and 16" at it's smallest. If your thigh measurement is out of this range, give us a call or shoot us an email so we can get you the strap that'll fit you.

This holster has three pockets. In the back is a card/money slot. Completely hidden from sight, you never need to worry about anyone snatching anything from you. In the center is a slip in pocket, a great spot for your phone since you can access it quickly. Finally, on the front is a snap pocket for anything else you’re carrying with you like your keys, a 1oz bottle of Mr. S Bodyglide and some condoms.

With this piece, you’ll be ready for that hot as fuck gangbang and have everything you need right by your side!

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