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German Carpenter Pants

Mr. S Leather
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German Carpenter Pants

Achtung! Männer Arbeitet! Caution Men at Work!

Unzip the front on these German Carpenter Pants and put the man in front of you to work – on your cock. We double enforced the Sailor Front opening on these pants with a primary waist closure zip. You can bust your cock out in mere seconds and put it away faster than you can say, ‘Cop!’

We didn’t have to do a whole lot of sexing up to this staple of the German carpentry trade. So, we kept things as authentic as possible: down to details like the brass hardware and leather reinforcements around the zippers and pockets.

The primary waist closure zip keeps things looking nice and clean when the sailor front is up. A simple third unzip and you can fold down the entire waistband for deeper action.

The seat on these pants is fairly simple – allowing maximum stretch over your tight ass. Nothing interferes with the look of your hot ass clad in tight leather. Woof!

When you’re wearing your leathers as tight as you want them to be, pockets can seem to be all but decorative. We took this in consideration when we designed the utility cum fetish piece. The front waist pockets provide easy access to your ID, cards and cash. The single rear right pocket can accommodate a small wallet. AND, the two side thigh pockets will hold your smart phone. All of this while still keeping the tighter than tight fit you want. Clean, efficient and smart – duh, they’re German Carpenter Pants.

Belt loops work with our standard Two Inch Leather Belt [B76]. You can get an interchangeable brass buckle to go with the hardware on the German Carpenter Pant.

Throw our Butch/Carpenter Cap [L096] on top and look like you’re capable of building that stable of boys you always wanted.

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