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Heavy Duty Hood with Audio

Mr. S Leather & Fetters USA
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Heavy Duty Hood with Audio
Fetters USA

This is a sensational padded isolation hood from Mr. S Leather & Fetters USA.

This Heavy Duty Hood is adapted for anyone who wants complete sound control over their hooded captive.

An additional layer of padding over each ear forms pockets for the insertion of a headset. Internal holes allow controlled input of recorded sound, 'White Noise', or a voice over a microphone. I-Pods, MP3 players... The earpieces you use should be as small and as flat as possible for comfort inside the side panels.

(Audio device not included).

The Heavy Duty name is very apt. The leather is a double layer of heavy jacket-weight leather. The foam padding over the eyes and ears make the hood feel solid, yet it molds comfortably to the face readily and can be used to create a sensory deprivation scene. Because the jaw is in a fixed position of this hood, an open mouth is not possible with this hood, but, we put a grommet hole at the mouth, beside the two nostril holes, to let air into this intense, dark leather world. Cinch rings lace up the full vent back, and a heavy zipper covers over the laced back and can be locked to the collar strap. The collar also comes with a front "D" ring as an attachment point. When the back panel is zipped and locked down over the lacing..... there is no way you can take this hood off without the key.

This is a very intense deprivation hood for serious hood lovers.

This same basic hood is also offered in another style:

HT009S3 - The Heavy Duty Hood with 3 straps added around the head 

Please allow 6-8 weeks for this hood to be made by our in-house production team

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