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Individual Dittel Sounds

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Individual Dittle Sounds

Jack your dick from the inside out. Feel the muscles in your piss hole grip a solid rod of stainless steel. Face it. You want to know what it’s all about. Don’t you? There’s a reason guys shoot huge, mind-blowing loads after a good sounding session.

These solid surgical stainless steel sounds are the top of the line. Many sounds you find on the market are hollow and chrome plated. These straight medical sounds are the real deal.

Sounds come with a 3g foil packet of Sterile Surgical Lube. Get more Sterile Surgical Lube [M19] here.

Sounding can be intimidating at first glance. Start small, go slow and before you know it, you’ll be working your dick inside and out like a pro.

Buy them individually as you go up in size or get the full 4 Piece Dittel Sound Set [M037] (with sizes 16fr, 18fr, 20fr and 22fr) for only $69.95.

Guide: Sound Gauge Sizing

French Gauge (fr) Equivalent Diameter (millimeters)
16 fr. 5.3 mm
18 fr. 6 mm
20 fr. 6.7 mm
22 fr. 7.3 mm
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