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Inflatable Gag Tube


Pump up Gag with Airway

What a great gag. It inflates with the squeeze of the inflator bulb... but has a full Breather tube thru its middle extending out some 15 inches. It doesn't take much to fill your mouth. This gag is best used with a Hood with an open mouth as it needs something to hold it into place.

I've always though it was sexy as the boy's drool starts to drip out the end of the tube because he can't swallow his saliva. The length of the tube can be cut to what ever length you want. This inflatable gag is also sold with a Leather Head strap to hold it in your mouth as HT728B.

Please be advised that this product contains natural rubber latex. Those with a latex allergy should consider our selection of silicone, leather or synthetic rubber gags, which can all be seen here. Please also note that this item is not compatible with oil-based lube.

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