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Isolation Hood with Padded Ears

Mr. S Leather
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Isolation Hood with Padded Ears

We wanted the Isolation hood to have an even better sensory-deprivation effect, so we almost doubled the padding around the ears. Certainly, no light is getting in with this hood, and now with more padding, you'll be free to drift off to that happy place of pure escape...

This is a real Sensory Deprivation Hood. The Isolation Hood comes with Nose Holes ONLY. Slightly larger grommets allow for breathing through the nose, but that is the only opening to the outside world. A larger area of heavy padding over the ears makes this style different from the original Isolation Hood (HT251). Lacing down the back can be adjusted tightly or loosely for comfort, and then a locking back panel of leather zips down over the laces and locks to the neck collar. Even if your hands were free, you can't get the hood off without unlocking the lock first. Trapped in this leather head prison, much of your senses cut off, you'll either freak out or relax into that place of escape you like to go to.

This hood feels and looks really HOT. If you are really into Hoods and the places they can take you, get this Isolation Hood and spend a few hours in it or put it on your boy when he needs some downtime. Completely lined inside with Soft Smooth Leather. You'll wish you had more than one head.

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