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Locking Humbler

Locking Humbler

We’re really excited to bring you guys our new Locking Humbler. We worked hard with the manufacturer to come up with a sleek and effective nut torture device. Crafted from a beautiful hardwood that’s stained black and lacquered for a smooth, glossy finish.  Measuring in at 19” long this piece is the perfect size to lay against the back of your boy’s thighs while providing a nice tug on his nutts.  Slap his ass and watch his dick start to grow as his balls get a nice tug from their wooden prison. Once he’s locked in his nuts are literally put out on display for a really fun CBT session. 

The oval nutt hole is the perfect shape to limit pinching and ensure your boys balls don’t pull through.  You can also use one of our Neoprene Ball Stretchers (CB25) to help pull your boy’s nutts down and protect them while you get him locked in.  Once you close the Humbler it locks.  Turn the key slightly to remove the key and then he’s completely locked in until you take him out.

Includes two keys. 

Overall Length: 19” 
Thickness: 1.5”

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