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Neo WOOF! Head Harness - 16 Colors

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Woof! This latest rendition of our Puppy Head Harnesses comes in several colors to match the rest of your gear. With big floppy ears and an open head design, you'll be cute-as-fuck at your next mosh.

Neo WOOF! Head Harness - 16 Colors

Our bold neoprene colors will let you really shine when you’re with your pack. Our WOOF! Head Harness comes in 16 stock colors - the same neoprene colors as our Neo Puppy Hood and Neo K9 Hood, as well as our Bold Color line. That means you can match this head harness to your existing puppy hood and harness perfectly.

In addition to color we also added in a more realistic nose, eyebrows and pose-able ears. Shape the ears how you want to let everyone know how puppy is feeling.

The jaw features a Velcro tongue that you can place where ever you see fit. You can show your happy "I've had a lot of fun romping around" side with an extra-long tongue. Or, show off your super fun puppy personality with your tongue hanging out to the side.

The jaw is also removable when you want to have access to your mouth. When not using the jaw we recommend attaching the included elastic chin strap (you can find it snapped on the back of the head harness). You only need to use this strap when the jowl is removed.

Head Sizing

One size fits most; there are multiple levels of adjustability that'll let you get the best fit.

Brow Circ. 21-23" 54-60 cm
Chin Over Crown 25-27" 63-69 cm

Care & Cleaning

Gently hand wash with a little dish soap and room-temperature water. Do not bleach or iron. Hang dry only, in a place with good airflow. Do not apply heat.

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