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Neoprene Quick Restraints

Mr. S Leather
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Neoprene Quick Restraints

Sometimes you want to just want to tie a guy down, get in, get off and get out. These new Velcro Restraints pack easy, are quick to slap on and don’t have the intimidation factor that some of the heavier restraints carry. Great for getting new guys to the scene comfortable enough to play, our Velcro Restraints easily bind hands behind the back or tie to the bed with just a little bit of rope. You may have seen cheaper versions sold as novelties. You already know that Mr. S is no novelty shop. We took everything we like about these simple restraints and invested quality material and stitching. A fully adjustable 11.5” strip of neoprene lays against the skin, giving the bottom a sense of comfort. On top, we’ve sewn in a strip of nylon webbing that reinforces the restraint and securely holds a 1.5” D-ring. Two 7” strips of Velcro ‘lock’ the restraint – one underneath and one on top. He can squirm and twist all he wants but he’s not coming out of these until you unstrap him. 

Three layered construction makes a comfortable and virtually impossible to escape restraint. 2” wide neoprene is held in place with an overlapping 1.5” wide strip of double sided Velcro. Yet another strip of Velcro, this one 1” wide overlaps in the opposite direction. That’s two layers of heavy duty Velcro wrapping around your wrist or ankle. You won’t get scratched and you certainly won’t get free no matter what direction you pull. 

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