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Quirt Whip - Slapper End

Mr. S Leather

Quirt Whip, Slapper End

This is one of our all-time favorite hitting implements. The handle alone is some 30 inches long, with another 10 inches of double slapper leather at the end. You can wind up like your going to hit a baseball with your new Quirt, Slapper bat. Good aim and control with the slapper end, nice crack noise too. Meanwhile the handle end... some 30 inches long has a nice metal rod embedded in between the two layers of stitched belt leather. You can use this end of the Quirt as well as the slapper end, for really turning those thighs, calves, chest, or butt into a nice black & blue patina. Your bottom will know you mean business when they see you fondling this baby. Made here in our San Francisco workshops.

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