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Rigid: Boot

Fetters USA

Rigid: Boot
Fetters USA

These Rigid Boot cuffs are made big enough to go around most boots and can also be used to hold the upper arms together as well, as shown in some of these pictures.

Rigid irons are just the thing to turn your dungeon fantasy into a hard reality!

These solid 19th century-type welded metal restraints are made to clamp the limbs apart, a single screw lock with a hex key is used for spans up to 12 inches. No Need for a padlock. A tight fit when locked with no pinching movement. Made here in the USA exclusively for Mr. S Leather & Fetters USA.

Shown here used with the Rigid wrist cuffs (longer) (PRE11).... and the shorter wrist (Kidd Cuffs... PRE15). The second to the last photo shows the difference of the inside size between the Rigid Boot Cuffs (PRE13) and the Standard Rigid Ankle Cuffs (PRE12)

Please be advised: During the forging process, black oxide is generated on the surface of the metal. This coating helps prevent the metal from rusting; cleaning the oxide off can reduce the lifespan of this piece.

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