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Rope Truncheon


Rope Truncheon

This truncheon is wrapped with a natural Hemp Rope up its entire shaft....not the handle....and can be used in a variety of creative ways. Before starting a serious Flogging, we have used this to hit the boy's back, to warm him up and let him get used to the feeling of being 'hit'.

Because it is wrapped in bristly rope, it has an abrasive effect on the back, as well as a 'thump'. It also brings the blood to the surface of the skin.

This Rope covered truncheon can be used as an Abrasive tool by rubbing it up and down and across the tits, cock and balls, thighs, or any other sensitive part of the body.

Dual purpose toys as a hitting truncheon or as an abrasive tool.

We suggest Not to use this style truncheon in an invasive way. Would be very hard to clean, as well as, not so nice, inside the butt.

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