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Screwz Ultimate Tit Suckers Medium

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Screwz Ultimate Tit Suckers Medium

What makes these Screwz great is there is no pump needed. Just press and twist the “screw” and watch your nipples pump out. They are simple, easy to use and super EFFECTIVE! Just add a little chapstick, spit, or gel lube and you'll create an incredible suction as you slowly turn the screw tops. Stop at any point and then add more suction a few minutes later with a few more turns. After having these on your tits for a short while, you'll have them sticking out like small carrots and they'll be more sensitive than ever for squeezing or biting.

As with any suction device on your tits or cock & balls, pump slowly to let the skin stretch gradually so you won't get a blister or tear.

The diameter of the opening is 1” and the overall length is 4”.

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