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Smasher Electric Ball Crusher A Mr. S Leather Exclusive

Mr. S Leather

Smasher Electric Ball Crusher

These two electrified Ball Crushers (E046 and E047) are a Mr. S Exclusive and will add new excitement to your electrical scenes. If you like your balls tortured by squeezing or crushing, now you can add electricity surging thru your balls at the same time. Holy Fuck.... you'll shoot your load without even touching your cock with this baby screwed down and wired up. This 'Smasher' is a bi-polar device with the positive and negative electrical strips alternating up and down the back plate. All the electricity is focused on your squeezed ball sack. You can always add another electrical piece on your cock using the other channel from your power box if you want even more sensation. (Sticky Pads...Blue bands...Bi-Polar shaft rings, come to mind).

This is a simple yet extremely effective way to make sure your boy knows who is in control. The back plate holds the electrode that will make him scream while the front acrylic panel allows you to watch his balls get squeezed tighter and tighter.

To use simply insert his balls through the back plate so they rest nicely between the front and back plates. The cock then goes through the hole in the front plate. The rest is up to you - turn the dials at the bottom of the piece as much as he can handle- and then maybe just a half turn more.

Circ (Black Plate) Circ (Clear Plate)
2" (5 cm) 1.75" (4.4 cm)

Can be used with any Erostek, Folsom box, Tens unit, or other e-stim box that has "Banana Plug" leads. One or Both of these Electrified Ball Crushers are a must add to any Electro-Stim enthusiast's collection.

Don't forget to pick up some Electrode Gel (E042).

Powerbox not included

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