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"Soft" Black Rope Hanks


"Soft" Black Rope

Even though we use lots of restraints and gear in our play we still 'love' it looks as well as how it feels.

Most of us started off using just rope. This 'Soft' nylon Black rope is our favorite type of bondage rope for use directly against the skin.

This 5/16" thick 'soft' rope doesn't have a stiff core and so is easy to wrap closely around the body, esp. when the boy is naked. So soft you can even use it pulled tightly thru the mouth. Plus it looks good as well as feels good.

Easy to tie knots that hold into it.

When cutting this rope, either burn & melt the ends or tape the ends with black duct tape to keep the ends from unraveling.

Very hard to find this no core soft Black nylon rope.

This soft black rope is sold in hanks of 50 feet in length. You can cut it down into any length you like.

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