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Square Peg Toys Thick Stamen - SuperSoft Bronze

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The Thick Stamen from Square Peg Toys has a long reach and is built with bumps smooth enough for deep, steady piston action.

Square Peg Toys Thick Stamen - SuperSoft Bronze

The Thick Stamen is a depth defying toy. Now even longer and thicker than ever before. The smooth bumps will allow you to really piston this in and out of your hole once you’ve been sufficiently warmed up. A great toy for the advanced player looking to go deep but without all the girth.

Everything made by SquarePegToys is crafted entirely in the USA from only US sourced, 100% Platinum Grade Silicone.

Square Peg Toys

All Square Peg Toys products are made of the highest quality 100% platinum cure silicone, meaning you can use any lube you want without fear of degrading the material or damaging the toy. They're also easy-as-fuck to clean with just a little dish soap and warm water.

You'll notice Square Peg Toys offers their toys in three different colors: SuperSoft Bronze, SuperSoft Graphite, and Black. Bronze and graphite have a little more "squish", so they'll feel more like the real deal when they're fucking your hole, and feel much better when spreading you open for long periods of time. The black is a little firmer and rigid, but doesn't compromise on comfort. Any color you get, you're guaranteed to keep coming back for more from Square Peg Toys.

Square Peg Toys has been making high quality silicone toys since 1997. When it comes to filling holes, Square Peg Toys is a name you can trust!


Length: 15" (38 cm)
Circumference: 7" - 8.5" (18 - 21.6 cm)

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