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The Rubber Puffy Hood

Mr. S Latex
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The Rubber Puffy Hood

If you like hoods as many of our customers do, you know that Mr. S and Fetters USA have always had a reputation for some of the best-designed hoods on the market. The Bishop Head Harness Muzzle introduced about three years ago sold in the thousands - if you love it, you should know you have lots of compatriots who enjoy the same turn-ons.

This new Puffy Hood ranks right up there with some of our best creations ever.

We have taken our Heavy Duty Hood Pattern, HT9 and completely filled the hood with the fluffiest fiber fill foam we could find.
It will give you a feeling of having your head securely encased in a Rubber covered soft pillow.
Tight and comfortable erotic Head Bondage.
The hood reduces sound while cutting out all light. It doesn’t get any better than this!

The Puffy Hood comes standard with nose holes and has two mouth options: Either the open mouth or with a large grommet mouth (Pictured) for a more enclosed feel. 

It laces up in the back and the collar closes completely so it can be locked on. We do not make this hood with open eyes - it would substantially diminish the overall experience of using this hood.

This All Latex Puffy Hood is an amazing feeling if you are a Rubber Freak as it clings to your face and you feel totally enclosed in this latex rubber headpiece. 

This hood is Made-to-Order: Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for production

Additional Available Color Options

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