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Thigh Holster Harness

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Keep those unsightly bulges in your pockets from distracting guys from the bulge you want their eyes on. This pocket will easily carry your phone, wallet, keys, and condoms close while letting your most important bulge shine.

Thigh Holster Harness

You spend a lot of time getting your look just right... tight pants, freshly shined boots, the perfect haircut. As you go out the door you realize you still need a place to stash your phone, keys, condoms and lube. Trying to stuff them all in your pocket just leaves you with those unsightly bulges that take away from the bulge you want everyone to be focused on.

One of our solutions to this age-old problem is our Thigh Holster Harness. This harness clips to your belt loops and has an adjustable strap that wraps around your leg to keep your important gear nice and close. A second set of leather straps are also included that will allow you to connect directly to your belt.

This holster has three pockets: In the back is a card/money slot - completely hidden from sight, so you never need to worry about anyone snatching anything from you. In the center is a slip in pocket - a great spot for your phone since you can access it quickly. Finally, on the front is a snap pocket for anything else you’re carrying with you like your keys, a 1oz bottle of Mr. S Bodyglide, and/or some condoms.

Not only does it keep things secure, but it looks fucking sexy whether you’re in a pair of tight blue jeans or your favorite pair of leathers.

Fits up to iPhone13. Does not work with iPhone Pro Models. Phones with thicker cases may have trouble fitting in this holster.


The thigh strap measures at 22” at its smallest and 24” at the largest so it will fit a wide variety of guys.

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