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Wide Top Leather Harness

Mr. S Leather
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Wide Top Leather Harness

The straps are 1 1/4" wide and have four adjustable snaps on the front. Really cool!


As always, have someone else measure you to ensure the most accurate measurement.

Measurement Instructions:
Step 1:
Over Shoulder
Measure the distance from the center of your chest to the center of your back, going over your shoulder.
Step 2:
Around Ribs
Measure the distance from your sternum to the center of your back, going around your ribs.
Step 3:
Measure the distance from the center of your chest to the top side of the base of your cock (where the strap will meet the cock ring).
Step 4:
All-Around Strap
Measure the distance from the underside of your balls to between your shoulder blades.

NOTE: If purchasing the All-Around Strap, please also provide us Step 3 (Cockstrap). The Cockstrap is the front-facing part of your All-Around Strap, so we'll need that measurement too.
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