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WOOF! Cage Muzzle Neoprene

Mr. S Leather
WOOF! Cage Muzzle, Neoprene

Something about a snarling Doberman is just hot. Except for when he calms back down and nuzzles your leg, reverting back to that loving, obedient pup you know and love. Take your puppy from a ball full of playful energy to a terrifying dog with the addition of a caged muzzle.

Made to fit our WOOF! Muzzle in leather and neoprene (HT227 + NEO512), the WOOF! Cage Muzzle puts bad dogs in their place. Sure, they bark and keep trying to bite at first but it won’t be long before their snarling turns into sweet natured whimpering.

Realistic construction modeled after the muzzles used on law enforcement’s big dogs. Vent holes let the dog breathe and ensure you hear his growls.

Snaps get the cage muzzle on and off quick and easy.

For use with our Neoprene WOOF! Muzzle $109.95

Leather option for use with our Leather WOOF! Muzzle$149.95

With the addition of the muzzle the pups mouth movements will be limited. The Caged Muzzle should be snapped on AFTER the WOOF Muzzle is on due to this.

Can I add a Cage Muzzle to my existing WOOF! Muzzle?

YES! We will need to add the necessary snaps for you. When you order your WOOF! Cage Muzzle, please fill out the comments box with the following statement: “I am sending in my WOOF! Muzzle to be fitted for a Cage Muzzle.”

We will respond with an RMA number. Please include this number when you send us your WOOF! Muzzle.
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