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Hankey’s Toys The Mikey - 4 Sizes

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This delicious looking member is cut thick and meaty for a hole stretching fuck you'll come back to time and time again.

Hankey’s Toys The Mikey - 4 Sizes

If you're craving a thick uncut piece of man meat, The Mikey is the one for you!

The Mikey features an incredibly detailed foreskin that's pulled back to reveal a beautiful thick head. The Mikey is a big toy to start with, the original starts at nearly a 'medium' size. But to make up for it, Hankey's Toys has scaled up The Mikey moderately across its four sizes to top out at XXL. So lube up your greedy hole and get ready for The Mikey to satisfy all your needs!

Model "Mikey"
Texture Realistic with vein and skin detail
Firmness 75% Soft
Material 100% Platinum-cured silicone


Circumference near head (rim): 7.25" / 18.42cm
Circumference near middle: 8.75" / 22.23cm
Circumference near base: 8.25" / 20.96cm
Overall length: 9.5" / 24.13cm
Insertable length: 7.5" / 19.05cm
Strapon Ring Size: 3" / 7.62cm

Circumference near head (rim): 8" / 20.32cm
Circumference near middle: 9.3" / 23.62cm
Circumference near base: 8.75" / 22.23cm
Overall length: 10.4" / 26.42cm
Insertable length: 8" / 20.32cm
Strapon Ring Size: 3" / 7.62cm

Circumference near head (rim): 8.5" / 21.59cm
Circumference near middle: 10.25" / 26.04cm
Circumference near base: 9.5" / 24.13cm
Overall length: 10.9" / 27.69cm
Insertable length: 8.5" / 21.59cm
Strapon Ring Size: N/A

Circumference near head (rim): 9.25" / 23.50cm
Circumference near middle: 10.9" / 27.69cm
Circumference near base: 10.3" / 26.16cm
Overall length: 11.75" / 29.85cm
Insertable length: 9" / 22.86cm
Strapon Ring Size: N/A

Life-Cast Collectables

Take your favorite porn star home! These life-cast dildos are the real deal - they start with the "Original" size (that matches the man they've cast in silicone), then they beef up the dimensions to give you larger-than-life man meat that will satisfy hole players of any experience level.

Care & Cleaning

The soft, platinum-cured silicone casting process means these toys are compatible with ALL lubes. Just wash with warm water and dish soap, then store separately from your other toys.

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