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Keyed - Alike Master Locks

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No more fumbling for the right key!

We have the Master Lock company sort their many key patterns for us, so that we are able to get all of these Brass padlocks with the same Key. Many of our customers have 10 to 20, or more, of these locks in their collection and leave them attached to each piece of locking bondage equipment. If you have ever needed to get someone out of a locked hood or other situation quickly, you'll appreciate having all the same keys for any of your locks.

Master Lock brand brass padlocks are perfect for securing our locking restraints. Use them in combination with our locking post system to ensure that he won't be taking that leather off anytime soon.

And since all the locks use the same key, you can unlock all of them as quickly as you locked them.

Sold individually, two keys included with every lock.

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