Leather Vampire Gloves

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These Vampire Gloves are an excellent tool for punishments, sensory deprivation scenes, and anything in between. Adjust the level on intensity simply by adjusting the pressure of your touch.

Vampire Gloves

These Vampire Gloves are made of soft, thin leather with a snap closure at the wrist, with 96 individual tacks protrude from the fingers of each glove for some extreme spanking or sensory sessions. Each tack measures at about 1/8" long and will prick and scratch the skin like little thorns, but will not pierce the skin unless you squeeze or slap it very firmly.

The gloves can also be used very lightly, and can stimulate the skin in dozens of distinct little points without actually hurting at all. Some people might find the sensation rather intense while others feel a tickling sensation.

Hand Sizing

To determine your glove size  measure around the hand at the fullest part (not including the thumb).

Small: 8.5"
Medium: 9.5"
Large: 10.5"

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