MyStim Electro Anal Beads

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Use these versatile anal beads from MyStim as a standalone piece, or hook them up to your favorite power box for a hot jolt to your bottom's prostate.

MyStim Electro Anal Beads

These conductive silicone anal beads can be used alone for some hole busting fun, or you can hook it up to your favorite power box to take your experience to the next level.

You’ll love watching the balls get sucked into your boy's hole and then with a gentle tug, pop out. You’re in control of his hole when you hold these Electro Anal Beads in your hand. And don’t worry, you’ll know your bottom boy is loving it with the moans he’s making as he gets worked over. This four ball anal chain is guaranteed to be a fun, electrifying ride!

This bi-polar toy uses 2mm pin connections. As with all electrical toys we recommend water-based lubes so you can easily slip this toy in without losing electrical conductivity.

How many balls of the chain will your boy be able to handle?

Each ball is encased with 100% medical grade silicone and are super smooth. They’re waterproof, easy to clean and silent while in use.

For cleanup, wipe with a damp towel, making sure not to get any water into the plug ports.

A power box is required to operate this toy - not included.


Length: 15.7" / 40cm
Diameter: 1.6" / 4cm

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