When done correctly, cock pumping can be used as an effective method for penis enlargement, and possibly to help with Erectile Disfunction. With regular pumping and proper maintenance, long term results can be achieved.


Your pump tube should be large enough to allow the tissue of your penis to expand, but not so large that it begins to pull your scrotum into the tube when pumping. Mr. S recommends a tube that leaves a roughly pinky’s width of gap between the outside of your erect penis and the inside wall of the tube. Do not exaggerate about your size here, boys – having a tube that is too big can suddenly pull your testicles into the tube, which is not a pleasant experience.


Trim your pubic hair. Without a good seal, it’s impossible to get a good pump, and even a few stray hairs can make getting a good seal much more difficult to achieve. There’s no need to shave everything if you prefer a more natural look, however, shaving a ring around the base of the shaft and some of the scrotum will make your pump session more successful. Try to do this a day or two before pumping, to allow any nicks or scratches to heal before your pump session.

Warm up. Take a hot shower or bath to warm the skin and muscles in your groin and member. This will help with overall expansion and increase blood flow. Alternatively, some pumpers will fill a sock with rice, microwave it for a bit, and use it as a heating pad.

Lube Up your cylinder and penis. The bottom 2 or 3 inches of the inside of your cylinder should get a good amount of water-based lubricant. Generally, thicker lubes work best, and wont run or let air seep through. If you have difficulty getting a tight seal, try a petroleum jelly (but know that petroleum jelly will degrade any silicone cushions you are using faster than a water-based lube).

Your penis should be lubed thoroughly from glans to the base of the shaft. Avoid getting any lube on the scrotum – this will help keep it from being sucked into the tube.

Come to attention. Get yourself erect. You know what to do, boys.

Wipe off your hands with a dry towel. This will make operating the pump much easier.

Insert your erect penis into the tube. Make sure the tube is firmly pressed into your pelvic area. Spin the tube a quarter inch to the right and left to get a better seal if needed. Make sure your scrotum is not bunching near the tube by pulling down on the skin.

Being erect makes pumping much easier and safer - your vascular system is already full of blood and the tissue is expanded. Without being erect you would need to spend much more time pumping at a slower pace while you waited for the pump to do what your body does naturally. Pumping too fast with a flaccid penis can also damage the tissue or skin.


Test your seal. Pump a little air out of the tube to make sure you have a good seal. This is much easier to measure when you are using a pump with a gauge. Mr. S Leather’s Brass Hand Pump is efficient in this regard – if the dial moves then you’ve got a leak - apply a little more lube or try a thicker lube and try again.

Get Pumping. After you’ve got a good seal, you can begin removing air from the tube.

As a beginner, you should not pump too quickly, and there should be no point where you feel pain. Go slow and listen to your body. The goal is to slowly stretch the skin and expand the tissue, not tear or bust the cells. Do not ever pump to a point where you’ve entered the pain scale. Pumping should feel like firm pulling and a pleasant expansion of your shaft and glans - very much like an enhanced erection.

Set a timer. Mr. S recommends a beginning pump time of 10 minutes. When your timer goes off, release the valve on your pump and let the air back into the tube. Always listen to your timer, no matter how much you might love what’s going on in the tube. It can be easy to get carried away, but patience is key to a successful pumping routine.

Massage the tissue. After you’ve removed yourself from the tube, massage more lube into the skin and tissue of your erection. Doing this for 10 minutes keeps your skin hydrated and increases blood flow to the areas of your penis that were just stretched.

You’ve completed your first round of pumping! Your penis should feel a little more plump and engorged.

Round 2 and beyond. As a beginner, if you’ve followed these instructions and listened to your body, it will be safe to do one more round of pumping.

When you have a little more experience under your belt, and you know how pumping affects your body, additional rounds can be added, and you can work up to a regular pumping schedule.


Pumping 2 to 3 times a week is best for lasting results. Make sure to give your penis at least 24 hours of recovery time between sessions. Think of it like a gym routine – if you don’ allow for recovery time, you will only end up doing more harm than good.

  • In the first 5 weeks, complete 2 rounds of pumping, 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Week 6 through 10 increase the suction slightly and leave the tube on for 15 minutes. Pump 3 times a week, making sure to massage between rounds and allow recovery time.
  • After 10 weeks, increase the suction as needed and leave the tube on for 15 minutes each round. Pump 3 times a week, adding another round or two to your sessions.

Make sure to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Dial down the intensity of your routine if you see any blisters or weird discoloration happening. Again, you should not be in pain when pumping.

You will hopefully begin to see a noticeable difference in size while flaccid around the 6 week mark, and if you’re diligent, around 10 to 12 months of regular pumping will give you a girthier and possibly longer erect shaft.

Maintenance. Maintaining your enhanced dick and erections requires you to pump every other week at least.


Soap and warm water should be enough to clean your tube. Do not put the tube in a dishwasher as the high temperatures can crack the acrylic.

Make sure you wash any cushions that are being used so the lube doesn’t sit on the toy and degrade the silicone.


  • Do not ejaculate before pumping. Save that for when your penis is engorged and sensitive.
  • Some pumpers will wear a shaft ring or cockring after pumping to prolong their pump.
  • “Jelqing” is a specific way of massaging the penis muscles and will help you achieve a longer penis when combined with cock pumping.
  • Hot Rod 5000 or any other boner supplements sold at Mr. S will help you achieve a better pump by increasing blood flow and will help you maintain a strong erection while pumping.
  • You can use a sharpie to mark your progress on the side of the tube as you reach new lengths.
  • It is not uncommon to find that after pumping regularly, you may need to increase the size of your tube.
  • Swelling may occur, especially in the foreskin – this is normal. Excess liquid (referred to as “edema”) has been trapped in your skin and your body will get rid of it within a few hours. You should only have cause for concern if you experience edema for more than a day. Back off on the suction during your next pump session.


Listen to your body. Do not over pump, use plenty of lube, pay attention to your timers, allow adequate recovery time, stay in the pleasure scale, and have patience!