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Neo Face Muzzle Kit - Puppy Muzzle

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Pup out in our Neoprene Puppy Face Muzzle Kit!  You get all the great features of our original Neoprene Puppy Hood in an open faceed design to keep you cool in the mosh.

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Neo Face Muzzle Kit - Puppy Muzzle

Muzzles that use our old metal snaps will not work with the plastic snaps on these face harnesses.

Get the complete set and be ready to pup out! This face harness kit includes the base Neo Face Muzzle Head Harness plus your choice of muzzle colors.

Love puppy headspace, but need something a little lighter than your full puppy hood? This Face Harness keeps your head open so you won't overheat. It's fully compatible with all of our puppy muzzles, including those that came with your puppy hood! Strap this head harness on, pop on one of your favorite muzzles, and go for a swim or stick your head out the window to let the breeze catch your fur. You'll be in puppy head space in no time.

To attach your muzzle to the Head Harness, insert the center snap on your muzzle through the slot in the nose area, bend it down and snap into place. Then, attach the snaps on either side and you're ready to go.

Head Sizing

Lots of adjustability means one size will fit most heads. For smaller heads, excess strapping can be cut off with sharp scissors without fear of the neoprene unraveling.

Chin Over Crown 24-32" 61-81.3cm
Gag 17-26" 43.2-66cm

Additional Muzzles

Order some additional muzzles to show off your personality or grab a replacement muzzle if you've gotten a little too rough at the mosh.

Muzzles that use our old metal snaps will not work with the plastic snaps on these face harnesses.

Care & Cleaning

Gently hand wash with a little dish soap and room-temperature water. Do not bleach or iron. Hang dry only, in a place with good airflow. Do not apply heat.

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