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Topped Toys Lotus - 100 - 3 Colors

Rosebud meet Lotus. Your hole will have a new best friend when you feel this plug finally pop into you. Between its textured arch and its intense ridge, theres a little something for every hole player.

Topped Toys Lotus - 100

If you like grinding into your plugs with your ass, then the Lotus was designed specifically for you. Get off by dragging your hole across the textured back arch or using its front ridge to pop your hole open and then wreck it wide again. From every direction there's a new sensation, so you'll never tire of this gorgeous ass breaker.

"The new aggressively modeled Lotus is deceptively easy to ride and hold. This carved, sweeping knot-plug is accented by a sensuously textured backside that makes grinding the Lotus into you an other worldly experience."

- Topped Toys

100% Platinum Cure Silicone. Compatible with all lubes. Wash with warm water and dish soap. Store separately.

Dimensions (Inches)

80 100 120
Max Circumference 8" 10" 12"
Max Diameter 2.5" 3.2" 3.8"
Neck Circumference 5.5" 6.75" 8"
Neck Diameter 1.75" 2.1" 2.5"
Insertable 4.5" 5" 6"

Dimensions (Centimeters)

80 100 120
Max Circumference 20.3 cm 25.4 cm 30.5 cm
Max Diameter 6.5 cm 8.1 cm 9.7 cm
Neck Circumference 14 cm 17.1 cm 20.3 cm
Neck Diameter 4.5 cm 5.3 cm 6.4 cm
Insertable 11.4 cm 12.7 cm 15.2 cm
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