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Clips and Chains For Sling Stands

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Made with heavy duty welded steel links and sturdy pear clips, these chain packages are great for quick sling setup - just pay attention to what package you need for your sling bed.

Clips and Chains

Hang your sling bed with a set of heavy duty, welded chains. We have a couple different options based on your sling stand setup:

For our Tri Sling Frame you'll want to grab a 3x30" package - Three 30" chains with 6 pear clips.
For a four point sling frame we recommend the 4x30" set - Four 30" chains with 8 pear clips.
If you have a Bondage Sling Frame we recommend the 4x40" set. - Four 40" chains with 8 pear clips.
We also have a set for anyone with a five point sling - Four 30" chains, two 5" chains, and 12 pear clips.

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