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Essential Neoprene Sleepsack

Mr. S Leather
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Essential Neoprene Sleep Sack

These have become one of our best-selling sleepsacks. If you like wet suit material, and you like bondage, well this is the best of both worlds.

You guys asked us for a matte finish of this amazing piece and we listened! Same quality and durability but now in an even sexier Neoprene.

NOW 3mm thick matte finish Neoprene. Flat lock stitched for internal comfort... this sleepsack has the warmth and stretch of Neoprene but almost the strength of leather. Internal Sleeves hold your arms to the sides, so you can't get to your Cock and Balls when zipped and laced tightly into this cocoon.

The 3 pull Zipper is a YKK zipper, the best in the world, and is down the front of the sleepsack, so any body fluids will not leak through. The 3 zipper pulls allow the top to have access to your cock & balls to do whatever he wants. The 18" Rear Zipper gives him access to your hole.

Nylon Webbing is used down both sides where the 32 metal cinch rings are anchored. Webbing is also used around the neoprene at the collar where the snaps are. This sleepsack is STRONG.

We asked our boys to really try and break out of these sleepsacks. They fought and struggled as hard as they could and couldn't break them. They stretch some when struggling, making you think you have a chance to break them, but they hold fast.

This new version of our Essential Neoprene Sleepsack is made here in San Francisco in the Mr. S Neoprene workshop.

The other great thing about this Neoprene Sleepsack is that it is great for self-bondage. You can zip yourself into the sack and even lace up the bottom part of the legs with the outside cinch rings to make it even tighter....Some people can, if they are limber enough, work their arms down into the internal sleeves by themselves because the neoprene is so stretchy. We make these with a 'notched' top on the sleeves so you can get your hands started down from inside. Now, that you have gotten yourself into this... it's a lot more work getting yourself out. If you are trying to do this, practice getting out with a friend around for the first few times. The longer you are in this sleepsack, the harder it will be to be able to get out of it by yourself because of your sweating.... so be aware of your timing if you are doing this alone. Best NOT to do this alone.

These are a personal favorite of Richard Hunter. They are comfortable enough for very long scenes, even sleeping in them, since you can stretch out when you need a little movement with your body. The neoprene feels great against your skin, just the way a wet suit does.

Some of these photos show us with one of the boys in this sleepsack next to a roaring river in the mountains. Not really a good idea as a place to play.... However, we had a number of others guys all around him making sure he didn't slip into the river and go over the waterfalls. Just so you know. His screams were because the ice cold water was getting into the inside of the sleepsack thru the neck opening. Who said bondage was supposed to be comfortable. And guys, this is NOT a flotation device so don’t try to use it that way.

And as always, be sure to pay constant attention to the person in the sleep sack. Seriously!!

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Size Chart
Neck 17-19 1/4" / 43-49cm 19-21" / 49-54 cm 21-22" / 54-56cm 22-23" / 56-59cm
Around Chest and Arms 43-45" / 109-115cm 46-48" / 117-122 cm 49-52" / 125-132cm 52-55" / 132-140cm
Around Waist and Arms 41 1/4" / 105 cm 42" / 107 cm 43" / 109 cm 44" / 112 cm
Around Hips and Wrist 36" / 92 cm 37" / 94 cm 38" / 97 cm 39" / 99 cm
Around Legs and Fingertips 32" / 81 cm 34" / 87 cm 36" / 92 cm 38" / 97 cm
Around Legs and Knees 23" / 59 cm 26" / 66 cm 29" / 74 cm 32" / 82 cm
Around Ankles 16 1/2" / 42 cm 18 1/2" / 47 cm 20 1/2" / 52 cm 22" / 56 cm
Height - Floor to Neck 60 1/2" / 154 cm 62" / 158 cm 64" / 163 cm 64 1/2" / 164 cm
Foot Length 11 3/4" / 30 cm 12.5" / 32 cm 14" / 36 cm 15" / 38 cm
Around Both Calves 22 1/4" / 57 cm 25 1/4" / 64 cm 28 1/4" / 72 cm 30" / 76 cm
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