F-Machine Tremblr Milking Machine

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The Tremblr Milking Machine from F-Machine has all the accessories and built-in settings for any boy who deserves a long, intense milking.

F-Machine Tremblr Milking Machine

Tired of your boring masturbation toys? Love a long sloppy blowjob, but your boys don't have the stamina? Or maybe you've got a boy that needs a good milking after a long stint in a chastity device? The Tremblr has an answer for all of these things and is guaranteed to leave you or your boy trembling.

The Tremblr can suck you soft and slow, like a good blowjob, or it can swallow you balls-deep, over and over, pushing you or your boy towards an incredibly intense pulse-pounding climax... and then it can go further. This machine doesn't quit and it shows no remorse.

The Tremblr was designed to be portable and quiet - you won't hear a thing... except your boy's moans of pleasure, but that's what a good gag is for.

Compatible with water-based or Mr. S Bodyglide lube only.

Comes with a 1 year warranty for any defects, excluding normal wear and tear.

The suction tubes contain latex. Do not use if you are allergic to latex.


  • Extremely rugged and discreet carry case with internal storage compartments for standard accessories
  • 1 Wireless remote control
  • 180 strokes per minute at top speed
  • Adjustable pump power
  • 3 sizes of suction tubes (M, L, XL) that fit most penises
  • 110/240V auto switching power adapter suitable for most power supplies globally
  • Machine power cut-out safety protocol
  • Inbuilt electric cooling fan for extended usage in even the hottest situations
  • Supplied with all tools and hardware for maintaining and adjusting your machine

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