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Jockstrap Phone Holster Max

Our Jockstrap Phone Holster Max has double the pocket space of our original design and is engineered to keep your valuables close when you've got little to nothing on.

Jockstrap Phone Holster Max

This versatile accessory combines functionality with sex appeal. With its double pocket construction, this holster is designed to securely hold modern-sized phones, lube, poppers, and/or your wallet, keeping your essentials within reach at all times.

With its convenient snap-on design, this holster easily attaches to a leather belt or a leather jockstrap waistband. The adjustable thigh snaps allow for a customizable fit, ensuring this holster moves with you when you're on the dance floor or railing a cute butt.

For a smaller, less bulky pocket, check out the original Jockstrap Phone Holster.

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