KINK3D Base Ring for Cobra Chastity

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Get a replacement base ring for your KINK3D Cobra Chastity Device or grab the next size up or down for a perfect fit.


KINK3D Base Ring for Cobra Chastity

Get a replacement base ring for your KINK3D Cobra Chastity Device, or grab a couple more rings for a perfect fit on any boy that walks into your dungeon. This ring only works in tandem with the KINK3D Cobra Chastity Cage and lock.

Includes base ring only. Cage, lock and keys sold separately.

Ring Dimensions

Base rings are available in five sizes beginning at 1 5/8” and going up to 2 1/8”.

When sizing the ring, you want to allow space for proper blood flow, but avoid having a loose enough ring that your testicles can escape, or the cage slides down the scrotum. A perfect fit would look like a ring that keeps the cage high on the shaft while not changing the color of your testicles. A darker red color is fine, but be wary of blues and purples.

We recommend starting with the standard ring, unless you're experienced with other devices and already know you need a different type. The XD Ring extends forward by 2.5mm. This tightens the gap, and also makes the rings more rigid. Good for people with smaller balls to prevent escape. The Curved Ring includes a 5mm backward curve at the bottom. Good for troubleshooting pressure under the scrotum. Please note that people with smaller balls can be more likely to slip through the gap.

Inches Millimeters
#0 1 1/2" 38.1mm
#1 1 5/8" 41.3mm
#2 1 3/4" 44.5mm
#3 1 7/8" 47.6mm
#4 2" 50.8mm
#5 2 1/8" 54mm
#6 2 1/4" 57.2mm
#7 2 3/8" 60.3mm

KINK3D specializes in locking cocks in ergonomic, lightweight cages that are the absolute best quality you can find on the market. Mr. S Leather was the very first to sell these beautiful cages, and believe us - you can trust KINK3D with your dick.

Care and Cleaning

Compatible with water-based, oil-based, and silicone lubes.

Because of the non-porous nature of these devices, regular dish soap and water work well for cleaning. Do not boil.

In the first few days of wear, a small amount of dye residue can sometimes appear. All dye is skin-safe and should stop within a week.

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