KINK3D Cobra Chastity Kit

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The sleek black Cobra Chastity Kit is a staff and customer favorite. Lightweight and perfect for long-term wear. The accuracy of the 3D printing process removes any possible pinch points so you’ll almost forget you have it on.

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KINK3D Cobra Chastity Kit

Now with a new, updated finish and construction! The entire device is smoother, resulting in less chafing and longer lockups!

The Cobra Chastity Kit from KINK3D brings yet another advancement in chastity technology to the fetish world.

The process used to form these devices involves cutting-edge nylon 3D-printing and revolutionary surface finishing technology. The result is a chastity cage that is exceptionally lightweight, smooth, and non-porous, while also being extremely durable. Because of the accuracy of the printing process, any possible pinch points are eradicated. All materials used are skin safe and shower safe.

Traditionally, open chastity cage designs are made of metal to keep the device rigid and unbreakable. With this new printing process, a device can be made that is just as strong and smooth, without the weight of stainless steel.

The full device is composed of a shaft cage, a base ring, and a lock. The shaft cage slides neatly into the accompanying base ring and locks firmly in place with an internal cylinder lock, giving the device a sleek outline that any boy would be proud to show off. That’s it - no need to fumble with oodles of small parts and pieces that roll under the couch or are hard to hold with lubed fingers.

Because the shaft cage is printed as one piece, there won’t be any splitting down the middle like other lesser quality chastity cages. The open cage design allows for the skin to breathe and for incredibly easy cleaning without taking the device off, meaning you or your boy can stay locked for longer.


The KINK3D Cobra Chastity Cage comes in a broad range of cage and ring sizes and can be ordered individually for a perfect fit.

The first few times you assemble your cage, you may find a tight fit between the base ring and the cage. The design minimizes any movement or pinching while wearing the device. The cage will “break in” as you wear it.

Shaft Dimensions

When sizing your shaft cage, you’ll want to make sure there is no extra space within the device - extra space will only prolong you or your boy’s nighttime erections and extend the duration the cage pulls on your boy’s testicles. A perfect fit would look like a full tube with no extra space, but also no skin bulging from the cage when completely flaccid.

To Measure: Use a cloth tape to measure the top of your flaccid penis from where your shaft connects to your groin to the opening of your urethra. When you measure, hold your penis at a right angle from your body (parallel to the floor). Do this several times throughout the day to get an accurate measurement - the best time to measure is after you've taken a piss.

KINK3D Size Flaccid Length Cage Length Cage Entrance Dia. Cage Head Dia.
B 1.25" - 2" 40mm / 1.57" 32mm / 1.26" 32mm / 1.26"
N 2" - 2.5" 50mm / 1.97" 32mm / 1.26" 35mm / 1.38"
N+ 2.5" - 3" 60mm / 2.4" 36mm / 1.42" 35mm / 2.4"
S 3" - 3.5" 70mm / 2.7" 37mm / 1.46" 37mm / 1.46"
S+ 3.5" - 4.25" 80mm / 3.1" 37mm / 1.46" 37mm / 1.46"
R 4.25" - 5" 90mm / 3.5" 37mm / 1.46" 37mm / 1.46"
R+ 5" - 5.5" 105mm / 4.1" 38mm / 1.5" 39mm / 1.54"
BFG 5.5" - 6" 115mm / 4.5" 40mm / 1.6" 40mm / 1.6"
Ring Dimensions

Base rings are available in five sizes beginning at 1 5/8” and going up to 2 1/8”.

When sizing the ring, you want to allow space for proper blood flow, but avoid having a loose enough ring that your testicles can escape, or the cage slides down the scrotum. A perfect fit would look like a ring that keeps the cage high on the shaft while not changing the color of your testicles. A darker red color is fine, but be wary of blues and purples.

KINK3D Size Inches Millimeters
#1 1 5/8" 41.3mm
#2 1 3/4" 44.5mm
#3 1 7/8" 47.6mm
#4 2" 50.8mm
#5 2 1/8" 54mm
Care and Cleaning

Compatible with water-based, oil-based, and silicone lubes.

Because of the non-porous nature of these devices, regular dish soap and water work well for cleaning. Do not boil.

In the first few days of wear, a small amount of dye residue can sometimes appear. All dye is skin-safe and should stop within a week.

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