Mr. S Leather Prestige ElectraLoops – Black

Add a jolt of excitement to your next play session with a pair of Mr. S Leather Prestige ElectraLoops. These thick and comfortable unipolar loops distribute the current evenly, giving you perfect tingles in all the right places.

Mr. S Leather Prestige ElectraLoops – Black

Cock loops only. Power box and butt plug not included.

These sleek and sexy all-black Prestige ElectraLoops are sure to be a new favorite in your toy arsenal - each of the uni-polar 6.5mm thick rubber loops distributes a current of even electricity, so there is no worry of "hot spots" taking away from your shockingly sadistic fun.

The rubber hugs your cock tightly for a harder, longer-lasting erection, so stroking and fucking is even more fun - add a bit of electroconductive gel around the loops for a sensation that will shock your socks off.

A solid aluminum adjustment choke and locked side in the loop ensure you never need to worry about pulling these loops completely apart. Adjusting the loops is simple - just slide the adjustment end through the choke to create your perfect fit; the friction of the rubber against the metal will prevent slipping or loosening. If you are using any box that uses 4mm banana connections you will require a set of Banana to Pin Adaptors.

Connection 2mm pins
Max Diameter 2.35" / 60mm

With over 20 years of experience, ElectraStim produces a wide range of power boxes, toys, and accessories to satisfy your every desire.

Cock loops only. Power box and butt plug not included.
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