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Nasty Red & Black Clamps Set of 12

Mr. S Leather
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Nasty Red & Black Clamps

OK... so you already have a lot of different clamps to attach to your bottom's body. The more the merrier. These Nasty little Red and Black clips are more intense than clothes pins for sure. A couple on the tits will get his or her attention right away... 4 or 5 more on his cock and balls will make him pay attention to your every word. Plastic coated ends over the metal part makes them bearable even on sensitive areas and the act of removing them can inflict even more pain than putting them on. Awwwaaaa! The first photo shows 4 of these nasty little fuckers on the boy's cock, all the while a vibrator is jamming on his ball sack and he's getting the head of his dick sucked. Intensity Overload. Sweet! Sold as a set of 12, you will have plenty to take the pain all over his cock and body. A very nice addition to your tit clamp collection.
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