Oxballs Zoid Cock Ring - 3 Colors

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Zoid is one weirdly shaped cock ring that everyone will love wrapped around their meat. It grips you where you need it and gives you a little extra lift and bounce to your bulge.

Oxballs Zoid Cockring - 3 Colors

Zoid is a weird shape cock ring, but it does the stuff you want: it’s supper rubbery but strong and bouncy when stretched... the shape is wider at the base and narrow on top — this keeps Zoid positioned where you want, but adds more under-sack lift. That is more bulge, more lift, more of your hunky junk.

This is what we call a “comfort” ring - its midsize for most everybody... it fits thicker junk, skinny junk, chunky junk, jumbo junk... it has a ton of stretch in a size that’ll make everybody bulgier.

Hünkyjunk by Oxballs

From the twisted minds over at Oxballs, Hünkyjunk is a modern take on men's sex and the toys that make sex more fun. Hünkyjunk toys are created with a focus on style, function, durability, and color.

Care & Cleaning

The new gold color is glossy metallic flexTPR for some real cock & ball bling. The other colors are Oxballs' custom Plus+SILICONE mix with a lush dull velvet finish and a warm fleshy feel that's perfect for your sack.

Compatible with water-based, hybrid, or silicone lubes. Oil-based lubes are not recommended and will shorten the life of this toy. Wash with warm water and dish soap. Store separately from other toys.


Width: 2.25”/ 57 mm
Depth: 2.5/ 6 cm
Outer circumference: 7.25”/ 18 cm
Inner Circumference: 3.25”/ 82 mm

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