Silicone Sound Set – Save 10%

Save 10% when you buy this full Silicone Sounding Set. Includes 12FR, 14FR, 18FR, and 22FR Silicone Sounds for filling your piss hole.

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Silicone Sound Set - Save 10%

Grab a full set of Silicone Sounds and save almost $8.

Silicone Sounds are great for experienced sounders who are looking for a little more depth. Use a healthy amount of sterile lube and the bendy nature of these sounds will allow them to go further than any of your metal sounds.

Included in this set: 12FR, 14FR, 18FR, and 22FR. Individual Silicone Sounds can be found here.

Care & Cleaning

Always make sure to use Sterile Lube when sounding. Sanitize your sounds before and after use by using a medical grade disinfectant like Cavicide or boiling.


FR (French) Inches Centimeters Millimeters
12 0.16" 0.4 cm 4 mm
14 0.18" 0.5 cm 4.7 mm
18 0.2" 0.6 cm 6 mm
22 0.3" 0.7 cm 7.3 mm
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