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Slick Silicone Bulldog Harness - Black

This 100% Silicone Bulldog Harness is slick as fuck and is the optimal choice for watersports, gunge play, and working up a sweat. Plus, it's a great vegan option!

Slick Silicone Bulldog Harness

The Slick Silicone Bulldog is made of 100% silicone strapping and black plastic hardware that will stand up to whatever you get into while still looking hot-as-fuck.

Because of its silicone construction, this harness is animal free and a great vegan alternative to cowhide.

Piss, sweat, cum, lube, and mess friendly! This is possibly the easiest to care for in our harness selection. Just wipe it down with some warm soapy water and let it hang dry. Done. No conditioning or routine maintenance needed!

Chest Sizing

Inches Centimeters
Small/Medium 36" - 40" 91 - 101 cm
Large/X-Large 41" - 45" 104 - 114 cm
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