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Sling Stand Mirror with Universal Adapter


Sling Stand Mirror

You need something hot to watch before your eyes start rolling back in ecstasy when you’re getting pounded and plowed in the sling. You know that huge cock looks as good as it feels plunging in and out of your fuck chute. Even better for watching that greasy fist slowly work its way into your hole and pop in as you moan. You won’t have to ask if it’s all the way in ever again.

This mirror with its universal adapter will fit pretty much any sling stand . It’s steady, safe and fucking hot! Guys have been trying to strap traditional mirrors to sling stands and bedframes for years but glass and the hard fucking you do don’t mix. And, cheap floor mirrors just get in the way. This round 18 inch plexi-mirror lets you churn a bottom’s ass as hard as you want without worrying about shards raining down on either of you. Compact design gives your top enough room to lean in and go deep…real deep… all while giving you both an eyeful.

Attaches to sling stands in seconds seconds. Just slip onto the top X bracket and tighten.

Please be advised: For international customers, this is an Oversize/Heavyweight item and will have a shipping fee calculated at checkout.

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