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Square Peg Toys Professor - Supersoft Bronze

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The Professor from Square Peg Toys will fill you up like no other toy you own. If you love a good arm in your hole, then you'll love the way this one wiggles its way deep into your gut.

Square Peg Toys Professor - Supersoft Bronze

This true-to-size, life-cast of a real man's arm will snake its way through any experienced hole just like a real arm, but with the added benefit of no bone structure - so it'll get DEEP.

The hand is polished smooth for an even better "fit" and ease of cleaning.

This toy may be a bit unwieldy to get in on its own, so get a buddy to help or start with smaller toys and work your way up to this supreme gut-filling appendage.

100% Platinum Grade Silicone. Safe with any lube. Wash with warm water and dish soap. Store separately from other toys.

SquarePegToys has been making high quality silicone toys since 1997. When it comes to filling holes, SquarePegToys is a name you can trust!


Height: 20.5" / 52cm
Fist Circ: 9.5" / 24cm
Wrist Circ: 6.7" / 17cm
Forearm Circ: 11" / 28cm
Elbow Circ: 10.6" / 27cm

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