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SquarePegToys The Slim Short Plug - Firm Black

The flattened side of this hole-and-mouth plug will accommodate your tongue, so you can spend more time focusing on the deeper parts of your throat while still getting a good mouthful.

SquarePegToys The Slim Short Plug - Firm Black

With its tapered form and super soft silicone, this toy is really great for beginner depth training - not just for your hole, but for your throat as well! (Mr. S Leather doesn't recommend using the same toy for both purposes).

If you or your boy is having trouble with learning to swallow a particularly long or girthy dick, this toy can also help you get past that pesky gag reflex. The flattened side of this plug will accommodate your tongue, so you can spend more time focusing on the deeper parts of your throat while still getting a good mouthful. Spend some time each day using this toy to fill your throat, and you'll be well on your way to throating some big dick. Your gag reflex will be no match for this toy.

For ass play, The Slim is uniquely thin and bendy - designed to slide in deep and reach past your second ring effortlessly. This toy is fantastic for beginner pigs looking to familiarize themselves with their second sphincter. It's wide base and bulb gives the toy a solid foundation to bounce your hole on or plug with. The Slim Short Plug can even be inserted into one of our butt plug harnesses if you're looking to tickle that second hole and stimulate your prostate while you're doing chores or jackin' off.

"After using my Slim for awhile I discovered I needed one that I could somehow grab onto with my mouth so I could free up both my hands for other things, so I created the plugged versions. And because I’m not always ready or in the mood for the extreme length of the original, I made an 8″ tall model. The shortest plug is great for just hitting the back of the throat when I need that type of direct stimulation without any depth."

- Square Peg Toys

Square Peg Toys

All Square Peg Toys products are made of the highest quality 100% platinum cure silicone, meaning you can use any lube you want without fear of degrading the material or damaging the toy. They're also easy-as-fuck to clean with just a little dish soap and warm water.

You'll notice Square Peg Toys offers their toys in three different colors: SuperSoft Bronze, SuperSoft Graphite, and Black. Bronze and graphite have a little more "squish", so they'll feel more like the real deal when they're fucking your hole, and feel much better when spreading you open for long periods of time. The black is a little firmer and rigid, but doesn't compromise on comfort. Any color you get, you're guaranteed to keep coming back for more from Square Peg Toys.

Square Peg Toys has been making high quality silicone toys since 1997. When it comes to filling holes, Square Peg Toys is a name you can trust!


Height: 8" / 20.5cm
Head Circumference: 3.2" / 8cm
Plug Circumference: 5.5" / 14cm
Neck Circumference: 3.8" / 9.5cm
Insertable Length: 7.5" / 18.4 cm

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