Stainless Steel Shower Shot Nozzle

Prep for that hot dick in comfort with the Stainless Steel Shower Shot Nozzle. MIrror smooth and warms up quick, this shower shot nozzle will make clean out a fuckin' breeze.

Stainless Steel Shower Shot Nozzle

Get the best for your hole cleaning routine. The Stainless Steel Shower Shot Nozzle is polished to a mirror shine so clean-out is effortless and comfortable. Adjust your water temp, set the pressure, add a little silicone lube to your hole, and you'll be prepped and ready to go for that hot dick.

Nozzle uses US and UK standard 1/2" NPT sized threading.

Need a full kit? Check out our Shower Shot Kit.

  • 6" in length
  • 2.75" outer circumference / .8" diameter

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