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Standard Combination Irons

Fetters USA

Standard Combination Irons
Fetters USA

Wrist Irons fixed to neck by 12" chain, which in turn is connected to a 33" long chain to the ankle irons, all welded solid! Lock his hands in back if he gives you any trouble!

Neck collar circumference measures approximately 16" inches, Wrist manacle circumference approximately 7.5" inches and Ankle manacle circumference approximately 10.5" inches with a Collar to Ankle chain length of 40" inches and ankle chain at 13" inches length.

The inside circumference of the collar is 16.5", cuffs 7.5" and ankles 11.5". The entire combination with chain weighs 7 pounds.

Please be advised: During the forging process, black oxide is generated on the surface of the metal. This coating helps prevent the metal from rusting; cleaning the oxide off can reduce the lifespan of this piece.

Please be advised: For international customers, this is an Oversize/Heavyweight item and will have a shipping fee calculated at checkout.

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