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The Enforcer - Heavy Leather Paddle

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Solid and sturdy in your hand, The Enforcer might look smaller and less intimidating than other paddles, but it hits just as hard and makes sure your boy knows who's in charge. 

The Enforcer - Heavy Leather Paddle

This is one mean motherfucker. Three pieces of heavy latigo leather stitched together with a metal shank inside to help keep its form and ensure you mark your target appropriately. This paddle is as beautiful as it is mean. Just a couple of slaps with this paddle and your boy will have a nice red blush to his cheeks. A few more and that beautiful purple hue will start to show.

Check out the video for this piece and see just why we call this one The Enforcer.


Length: 16" (40 cm)
Impact Length: 11" (28 cm)
Handle Length: 5" (13 cm)

100% of 100
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