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The Original World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug (WMCBP) - 5 Sizes

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This Original World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug was given a fresh construction, but we guarantee you'll still get the same hefty, cozy, plugged feeling as the old make and model.

The Original World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug - 5 Sizes

This is the original World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug that started it all. First produced in 1997, these metal and silicone butt plugs were an instant hit and continue to be best sellers. We've since updated the design with a better, more durable connection system, and a printed logo on the base of the plug, so when you bend over, everyone will know you're plugged by Mr. S.

From this product we've created the popular Silicone WMCBP, added a vibrator to the Vibrating WMCBP, and the E-WMCBP 2.0 can connect to your favorite electro box!

Because they're so comfortable, the entire WMCBP line can be worn for many hours. This original version is two solid aluminum pieces connected with medical grade silicone. If you like the feel of a butt plug, try one of these - you may just never want to remove it, and you'll LOVE the weight of this toy pressing on your prostate.

Because of the aluminum body, this sex toy can also be used chilled - just stick your plug in a bucket of ice water for 5 minutes before insertion for a totally different kind of experience; or cool down on a hot day! Conversely, run this plug under some warm (never hot) water for a cozier plugging experience.

Clean the plug with warm water and dish soap. Towel dry before storage, and store separately from other toys. Avoid cleansers or cleaning materials which are abrasive to preserve the surface of the aluminum.

We offer a couple pointers to ensure the safe usage and longevity of this very unique product:

Compatible with all lubes. We recommended our own Mr. S Bodyglide silicone lube.

When you are ready to remove the plug, relax and simply push the toy out. Do not pull on the base or tubing as means for removal.


All plugs have a silicone neck length of 1.5", and neck width of .375", and a base diameter of 2".

Plug Head Length Circumference Diameter Weight
Small 2.5" / 6.3 cm 4" / 10.1 cm 1.25" / 3.1 cm 5.9 oz
Medium 3" / 7.6 cm 4.87" / 12.4 cm 1.5" / 3.8 cm 8.4 oz
Large 3.5" / 8.9 cm 5.62" / 14.3 cm 1.75" / 4.4 cm 11.3 oz
X-Large 4" / 10.1 cm 6.5" / 16.5 cm 2" / 5 cm 16.3 oz
XX-Large 4.5" / 11.4 cm 7.12" / 18 cm 2.25" / 5.7 cm 21.8 oz
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