Ultimate WYFF'R Cap - 2 Sizes

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If you're tired of constantly unscrewing and rescrewing the cap on your leather stripper, check out this lifesaver. This no-spill flip-top WYFF'R Cap comes in two sizes that will fit any of your favorite cleaners.

Ultimate WYFF'R Cap - 2 Sizes

The Ultimate Wyff’r is a single-handed flip-top cap for your favorite cleaners, that's easy to open, effortless to close, and spill proof.

Unlike other leather stripper replacement caps, the Ultimate Wyff’r is the only cap designed to permanently replace the bottle’s original screw cap. Others will have you replace the cap between uses or risk a nasty spill when their cap fails. The only time you need to remove your Ultimate Wyff’r Cap is when your bottle is empty and you’re opening the next!

NOTE: These caps utilize a rubber gasket to create a seal against your bottle opening - don't lose this piece!

Ultimate WYFF'R Cap Only. Leather stripper sold separately.

"What Size Do I Need?"

Place a Penny on the top of your favorite cleaner's cap - if it matches, you'll need the Small Ultimate WYFF'R Cap with a yellow band.

If a Nickel matches your cleaner's cap, you'll want the Medium WYFF'R Cap with a red band.

Cap Size Color Fits
Small Yellow Mr. S Brown Bottle
Most 10mL Bottles
Double Scorpio
Medium Red Most 30mL Bottles
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