XTRM Buddy Hose

Attach a bit of extra fun to your play space docking station with the XTRM Buddy Hose - perfect for you and a friend.

XTRM Buddy Hose

When the scene gets too hot for just one hose, add the XTRM Buddy Hose to your play space docking station for the ultimate experience for you and your boy. With this silicone hose, the fun is never out of reach.

Attaches to either the XTRM Solo Docking Station or XTRM Solo Slinger for double the trouble.


  • Silicone Hose (39.4" / 100cm)
  • Dual-channel Nozzle
  • XTRM Camo Cotton Storage & Travel Bag

XTRM makes funnels, tubes, hoses, containers, filters, and MORE to ramp up your sex life to the extreme. Many of these accessories pair perfectly with our Blackout Gas Mask or Blackout Gas Mask Hood.

Docking Stations and other attachments sold separately.
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