XTRM Gas Mask Max Supply

Screw some extra fun into your gas mask with the XTRM Gas Mask Max Supply. This fully adjustable airflow canister will take your next scene to new heights.

XTRM Gas Mask Max Supply

The XTRM Gas Mask Max Supply brings the fun to your fingertips. Simply screw this attachment to your Blackout Gas Mask, and enjoy the adjustable airflow feature with the simple turn of a knob.

Threaded to be modular with the whole XTRM collection, so you can get as creative as you need.

We recommend using Cotton Inserts, tissue paper or paper towels if adding any liquids to the max-sized aluminum bottle to avoid leaks or spills.


  • Airflow Controller
  • Max Sized Aluminum Bottle and Cap (60ml)
  • XTRM Camo Cotton Storage & Travel Bag
Other accessories are sold separately, but are pictured above to showcase how modular this product is.

XTRM makes funnels, tubes, hoses, containers, filters, and MORE to ramp up your sex life to the extreme. Many of these accessories pair perfectly with our Blackout Gas Mask or Blackout Gas Mask Hood.

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