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Docked Show Tail Colors

Square Peg
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Docked Show Tail Colors

When you want to show off your puppy side but you don’t want to knock things over with your tail, now SquarePeg has a Docked Show Tail. This plugless tail attaches to your belt or to a butt plug harness and lets you romp as hard as you want. Works great when you want to be bipedal. Made from 100% silicone like all of the other toys from SquarePeg.

Included with the tail is a Show Tail Holster that will allow you to attach it directly to your belt. Can be used with belts up to 2” thick.

To attach to your belt turn the tail to the upright position. The two slots on the Show Tail Holster should be vertical (on the left and right side of the tail). Start to put your belt on but stop just before the middle loop in the back of your jeans. At this point feed your belt through the left slot of the holster. Now put your belt through the middle back loop of your jeans. Feed your belt through the right slot and then finish putting your belt on like you normally would. When you put it on this way the back middle loop on your pants acts as a nice support mechanism to ensure that the tail stays nice and centered.

Belts and Butt Plug Harnesses Sold Separately.

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