ElectraStim Explorer Finger Sleeves

For a sensual experience, look no further than the ElectraStim Explorer Finger Sleeves. They combine the best of sensual touch and electro-play, meaning you'll have your partner moaning and writhing in ecstasy in no time.

ElectraStim Explorer Finger Sleeves

These incredibly simple finger sleeves from ElectraStim bring the power of electro-play to your fingertips. Slip these sleeves on two of your fingers and trace your partners erogenous zones to make them squirm and moan in ecstasy. Fantastic for hole and cock stimulation, and the inside of the Explorer Sleeves are insulated so that the wearer won’t receive any stimulation through their fingers during play - making sure your boy gets all the buzz.

Can be worn as a pair or paired with other uni-polar toys like sounds, pads, or cock rings. For a smooth, caressing type stimulation, use a little water-based lube or conductive gel to get a good contact and gentle glide.

Use below the waist only.

100% phthalate free, body safe silicone. Remove wires and wash with warm water and dish soap. Store separately from other toys.

Each sleeve is 55mm long by 30mm wide. Requires 2mm pins. Comes with a microfiber storage bag. Sold as a pair.

A power box is required to operate this toy (not included). For best results we suggest using Electrode Gel.

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